XIIIth International DCLLSG Workshop 2022

September 2022
Digital & Cologne

The XIIIth International Workshop of the German CLL Study Group took place as a hybrid event at the Hafen12 (Hafenstrasse 12, 51063 Cologne, Germany), from 9th September – 10th September 2022. Numerous international speakers from clinical and basic CLL research were engaged in interactive live discussions. Full program, faculty, further information and free videos on demand are available here.

In order to capture the vibrancy of the in-person event and to obtain statements and opinions from international experts, the Competence Network of Malignant Lymphoma (KML) has developed a new format: KML-Diskurse aims to present the most important topics and opinions of international CLL experts in 6-8 short interviews, thereby helping to shape the international discourse. Everyone with an interest in pathobiology, diagnosis and therapy of CLL is highly welcomed to watch and to get an overview of the latest research in CLL.

The interviews include talks and live discussions about:

  • CLL research – Update on techniques & technologies
  • CLL genomics & beyond
  • Open and Planned Studies DCLLSG
  • Challenges & open questions for management of CLL
  • Next steps in CLL research

For further information please contact:

Silke Hellmich (KML) or Thomas Nöllgen (KML)

Sponsoren dieses Events:

BeiGene Germany GmbH
Hexal AG
Lilly Deutschland GmbH
Roche Pharma AG

The companies have no influence on the content. The amount of the grants can be found on the project support page.

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Impressions I

Arrival | DCLLSG Workshop 2022


Optimal sequencing of therapies (I)

Susan O'Brien (Irvine CA, USA) & Othman Al-Sawaf (Cologne, GER) in conversation with Nadine Kutsch & Florian Simon (Cologne, GER)


Impressions II

Inbetween Day 1 - 1 | DCLLSG Workshop 2022


CLL genomics and research

Catherine J. Wu (Boston, USA) & Lukas Frenzel (Cologne, GER) in conversation with Paula Cramer & Pascal Nieper (Cologne, GER)


Impressions III

Inbetween Day 1 - 2 | DCLLSG Workshop 2022



Lydia Scarfo (Milan, ITA) & Clemens Wendtner (Munic, GER) in conversation with Paula Cramer & Florian Simon (Cologne, GER)


Impressions IV

Inbetween Day 1 - 3 | DCLLSG Workshop 2022


"Kick-it like the DCLLSG" (I)

Alessandra Tedeschi (Milano, ITA), Barbara Eichhorst (Cologne, GER), Michael Hallek (Cologne, GER), Matthew Davids (Boston, USA)


Impressions V

Inbetween Day 2 - 1 | DCLLSG Workshop 2022


"Kick-it like the DCLLSG" (II)

Jennifer Brown (Boston, USA), John Seymour (Melbourne, AUS), Paolo Ghia (Milano, ITA), Paula Cramer (Cologne, GER)


Impressions VI

Inbetween Day 2 - 2 | DCLLSG Workshop 2022


Optimal sequencing of therapies (II)

Paolo Ghia (Milano, ITA) & Tait Shanafelt (Stanford, USA) in conversation with Nadine Kutsch & Pascal Nieper (Cologne, GER)


Time-limited vs continuous therapy

William J. Wierda (Houston TX, USA) & S. Stilgenbauer (Ulm, GER) in conversation with Paula Cramer & Pascal Nieper (Cologne, GER)


Impressions VII

Farewell: See you again in 2024!

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